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Our Toyota Diesel LandCruiser in Anza Borrego

Our Toyota Diesel LandCruiser in Anza Borrego

Our diesel Toyota Land Cruiser started its’ life as a gas powered  1992 FJ80. Later a Toyota 1HZ 6-Cylinder diesel motor was swapped in along with a H-151 5-Speed manual transmission.

The 1HZ diesel motor was never offered on North American Land Cruisers (besides mine trucks), but was a factory option on various models overseas.

The 1HZ in its’ factory form outputs 135 hp at 3600 rpm and 187ft/lbs. of torque at 2000 rpm

Apparently it is a good candidate for biofuels since the 1HZ has indirect injection

Here is a short video of the 1HZ running. Gotta love that sound.:)

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  1. rwdunn

    Hi there! I stumbled on your blog while researching diesel conversions for Cruisers. I have a ’97 FJ80 and am considering swapping out the existing gas engine for a 1HZ. Curious what, if any, issues you had dealing with DMV registration. I was told by a shop that more stringent emissions standards apply to vehicles newer than (i think) ’95. I wonder if i’m looking for more trouble trying to do this with a ’97 than I might if I simply get rid of it and look for an already converted older vehicle.

    1. admin Post author

      Sorry for the late response.
      I actually bought this with title already taken care of.

      I think you are referring to the CA diesel smog check. It applies to vehicles 1998 and up so you should be fine.
      The 1HZ has been a great motor, although it is a bit labored up hills.

      I consistently get close to 18mpg U.S.


  2. isar

    hi Bob is Matt from Murrieta,
    just surfing on the web’s and find the site
    awesome blogging
    I hope engine come well and is ready for more adventures
    all most done with mine in 2 weeks should be on the road

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