Rewiring the auxiliary fuse box

Seems I was only getting 11 volts to my auxiliary  fuse box that I installed. The fuse box home-runs to the deep cycle Optima battery and is used to run our Engel Refrigerator.

Looking at my original wiring, I realized it was a bit of a hack job, I had a couple of splices, that I am guessing I did due to the fact that I ran out of wire. 😉

I ended up running two new 10 gauge wires from the Optima battery to the auxiliary fuse box.

Biodiesel LandCruiser


Which then run through the passenger side firewall

Biodiesel LandCruiser


and end up powering the auxiliary fuse box

Biodiesel Landcruiser

The end result is that the aux fuse box gets plenty of power which in turn runs our Engel Refrigerator perfectly :)