Having Peace of Mind Both On and Off the Road

Fueling up in Villa Jesús María - Central Baja

Fueling up in Villa Jesús María – Central Baja

After browsing all over the Internet for hard-to-find hoses and seals, spending countless hours tightening bolts and clamps, and shipping out hundreds – maybe thousands of dollars for a nice and shiny paint job; the satisfying feeling of excitement upon seeing a completed restoration project of a classic Toyota is priceless. Once you sit behind the wheel, turn the keys in the ignition, and hear the sweet sound of a high-powered motor, the goosebump-inducing sensation of being on cloud nine slowly sets in. However, there’s still that small voice inside your head that gently whispers and reminds you about two vital elements that you might have overlooked: the importance of biodiesel and car insurance.

If a classic diesel vehicle – like the Land Cruiser – is installed with fresh hoses and seals, then it may be time for to try and run it on biodiesel. Apart from being significantly affordable and providing your vehicle with a more sustainable resource that reduces the dependence on fossil fuels, it also decreases pollution – making biodiesel an environment safe and friendly choice. On the other hand, having aviva insurance creates an aura of protection for you and your prized possession. Of course a classic won’t be your everyday car, that’s why the small details of a trusted car insurance prove to be the difference of a good and bad coverage; like an up to 33% off for your second registered vehicle, and an uninsured driver guarantee.

As common perceptions of sustainability and compatibility increase to cover a wider and more diverse range of classic vehicle aficionados, the need for biodiesel and car insurance is at its all time high. Because in the end, not only will your classic Land Cruiser greatly benefit from the long term compensations of reasonable and free from care investments, you will also relish the feeling of security both on and off the road.