Blown power steering high pressure hose

Our year long rebuild covered a lot of the potential issues that an expedition vehicle might have in the field.
In summary we have….

  • Rebuilt the 1HZ Motor including new pistons and crankshaft
  • Replaced the clutch
  • Replaced front brake rotors and calipers
  • Replaced rear brake drums
  • Replaced radiator with a heavier duty model
  • Replaced alternator

I know I am leaving some things out, in particular a power steering  hose that wasn’t quite up to the task.
As is usually the case the hose decided that the best time to self destruct was 45 minutes down the trail in the Split Mountain area of Anza Borrego.

The conversation went something like this,

Bob : “Do you smell power steering fluid ?”

Mary: “Yep you better pull over.”

Bob: “Yeah this thing is hard to steer….”

One minute later I was standing next to the Landcruiser watching the last remnants of ATF disappear into the soft desert sand. :(


Anza Borrego - Fish Creek

Leaving Fish Creek in Anza Borrego

Landcruiser Power Steering Hose

Blown Power Steering Hose