1HZ Starter problem fixed or Ford to the rescue

Ford Starter Relay in the Land Cruiser

Ford Starter Relay in the Land Cruiser

We were finally able to solve the intermittent starting problem that our diesel converted Land Cruiser was having from day one.

Funny thing was it started most of the time but occasionally I would turn the key and nothing, dead. Unfortunately it usually occurred at an inconvenient time;  truck filled with groceries, sitting out in Anza Borrego or getting ready to leave for work.

With our pending Baja trip less than a week away, I decided it was a good time to make the Land Cruiser a bit more reliable.
The solution came from my friend Jan, who had a similar issue with his 1HD-T powered diesel Land Cruiser. Seems the stock starter solenoid which is from the original gas engine setup can’t give sufficient power to the diesel starter motor.

The solution he came up with was to wire in a heavy duty starter relay from a Ford truck.
The relay gives the 1HZ starter the juice it needs and now no more starting issues.